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Review for “Inventing an Illusive Space”

Here is a link to a review of the group show I was in at the Kirkland Arts Center, written by Andrew Bartels:

An excerpt from what he had to say about my paintings: “…the three paintings included are still life, featuring chairs and plants in the studio. Of course, the subject is not chairs or the studio, but the painter’s interaction with what he sees—including the painting—is morphing, changing with the light, changing in mood, accumulating both paint and perception over time until the painting becomes a pile of moments stacked on top of each other, a confluence of impressions arrayed in vibrating patterns. In this sense, the works are a meditative history to which the idea of space is somewhat subordinated. Elliott has said that each mark he makes is a response to what is on the canvas, so that the process is self-generating, ever expanding, like a fractal…”

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