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Jentel Artist Residency

I am spending February 15th-March 13th at Jentel, an artist residency in Wyoming.  It is on a Ranch just between Sheridan and Buffalo Wyoming.  The landscape here is wide open and really beautiful.  Here is a picture of the Jentel Ranch from above.

Jentel from above.

There are six residents.  Two writers and four visual artists.  We all stay in a really beautiful, spacious house.

Jentel House

And here is a picture of the artist studios.

Artist studio with the red roof, the writers studio on the right.

Inside my studio.

Yes, there is a bed in my studio! In case I don’t want to walk the thirty feet to the house to take a nap.  The bed will definitely star in a few paintings that I create here.  I’ll post images of the paintings and drawings in the next couple of weeks.

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