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“Hearing the Backbeat” Review

Gary Faigin posted a review on Artdish of the group show I am in, “Hearing the Backbeat” at Prographica. Here is an excerpt of what he said about my work:

“For Eric Elliott it’s the process of seeing that’s important, not so much the things being seen. His eloquent, minimalist, ink-wash studies of studio ephemera are remarkable for the complex, inventive way he converts his mundane surroundings into a mosaic of surprisingly interesting smaller forms. The four interior views in the show are the result of an arduous process of analysis and interpretation, a sort of visual needlepoint addressing one spot at a time. No object is simply outlined and filled in, but forms and spaces emerge through marking boundaries and intersections, spots of shadow and tone. What is left out becomes as important as what is included, and there’s a freshness to the observation, the result of a sustained effort at seeing familiar things as new. ”

Images of the show can be found at:

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